About us

Russian Language Center offers different educational programs for Russian as a native language and Russian as a foreign language for children and grown-ups.

  • Reliability. Russian Language Center has been working in Hong Kong since 2007. We have provided our students with high quality educational services and proved to be a trustworthy partner.
  • Qualified teachers. All our instructors – all native speakers - are professionals holding diplomas and degrees in teaching Russian as a foreign language.
  • Quality control. Our teachers are always aware of new books on teaching and learning Russian and study a lot to make the learning process up-to-date and dynamic.  Regular surveys and polls help to keep lessons interesting and student oriented.
  • International system of levels. Our Center is using both the Russian system of language assessment as well as an international one (from Beginners to Advanced). The Center monitors the success of the students and gives a continuous feedback. Each level ends with the test which helps to determine the results and the quality of education.
  • Diverse courses. Our students include toddlers (12 months) with no prior knowledge of any language, bilingual teens as well as adults who speak several languages. One can choose among general courses, business lessons, intensive courses, preparation for international and Russian exams, children and adult extracurricular programs.
  • Curriculum and teaching methods. Russian Language Center creates and uses its own materials for lessons and applies Russian and foreign language teaching techniques.