Russian Language Center offers a variety of courses for all levels, as well as tailor-made private lessons and lessons for children. We also offer Skype lessons. We are experienced in providing Russian courses for business purposes to corporate clients.

We hold various groups of all levels of Russian language proficiency. 

  • You can choose Skype lessons with one of our teachers as a convenient alternative to conventional private lesson and learn Russian from your home or office.
  • Private lessons are offered to students of all levels who cannot join our group courses, cannot attend group courses on a regular basis or need a short catch-up or refresher course.
  • Group classes happen every day Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm.
  • Our Beginners course is designed for new students of Russian and it builds a solid foundation for successful mastery of the language.

Level Day and time Teacher Program of the course
A1 level Elementary course module 3 Thursday   7 pm - 9 pm Tatiana No prior knowledge required.  Russian Elementary 1 is a course designed for beginners who wish to learn to speak, read, write and understand basic Russian used in everyday situations.
module 1 Friday 7 pm - 9 pm  Irina
module 2 (full) Saturday 12 pm – 2 pm Irina
A2 Foundation course module 1 Wednesday 7 pm – 9 pm Tatiana The course aims to improve students’ speaking, writing, and reading skills and to reach level of communicative competence, which enables to satisfy students’ communicative needs in everyday communication.
B1 Intermediate course module 2 Friday 7pm - 8:30 pm Tatiana This course is for those who already have the basics of Russian and would like to learn more. It will extend the vocabulary and grammar concepts and it will give the extensive practice in speaking Russian.
module 4 Saturday 10pm – 12 pm Irina
B1-B2 Intermediate conversational course Monday  7:30 pm – 9pm (full) Tatiana This course aims is to develop students’ speaking and listening skills and to help them gain confidence to converse in various everyday situations through conversational practice and systematic vocabulary exercises.

If you are not a beginner

If you are not a complete beginner please contact us to arrange a placement test. According to the results of the test we will offer you a suitable group, which will satisfy your demand. Students of the level over B2 are offered a custom-made course to practice certain skills (Grammar course, Conversational course) or satisfy a certain demand (Literature and reading class).