Music education group — The Solfeggio

In the Hall of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Hong Kong.
Meeting and auditions for a new music education group.

An engaging theoretical and practical method for studying the mostfundamental of musical disciplines – solfeggio. Classes for musical play for different age groups.
Please register for an audition by telephone +852 5595 6374 or e-mail
Address: Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, 12 FL., Kingdom Power Commercial Building, 32-36 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
E-mail: church@orthodoxy.hkWeb:

Age groups

  1. “Magic flute” 4-7 years; 
  2. “Lyre of inspiration” 8-11 years; 
  3. “Aeolian harp” 11-15 years; 
  4. “Apollo, Euterpe and Pythagoras” 16 years and above.

Length of sessions

  • For age groups 1-2: 90 minutes (40 minutes – 10-minute break – 40 minutes)
  • For age groups 3-4:Group and individual lessons by agreement.

Number of lessons per week

Twice per week for age groups 1 and 2.

How much does it cost?

HK$1,200 for set of eight sessions
Payment to be made in advance in cash or by cheque to
“Russian Language Center Limited”.
Who is the teacher? 
Tatyana Shuttleworth, musicologist (PhD, Manchester University, UK), performer singer (MMus, UK) and conductor (Russia).
Main musicological specialisation “Russian opera in the first half of the 20th century”. Considerable performing and teaching experience.  
Contact details: +852 5595 6374; Е-mail:

What is solfeggio? 
Music is an art form. 
Solfeggio is a fundamental discipline for learning to be a musician.   

The study of solfeggio permits us to understand how sounds are organised, 
relate to and combine with each other in pitch and time and to be aware of the
influence that these sounds exert on people’s imaginations and everyday lives.  

For what purpose? 
  • The study of solfeggio allows students of different ages to develop a particular system of knowledge and skills needed for an understanding of the world about us and most immediately to utilise this knowledge in possible professional musical practice. 
  • The main focus in the solfeggio classes is on training musical hearing, memory and thinking and on developing the musical potential of children and adults.
  • The classes include: the theoretical study of elementary musical literacy, the gradual acquisition of the ability to do musical dictations, the aural analysisof different harmonies and sound combinations and the development of musical imagination. 
  • The practical solfeggio classes pay particular attention to initial voice formation: basic singing skills, correct breathing, pure intonation in the reproduction of living sound, the skills of solo and ensemble singing, the pronunciation of the literary text and the poetic word with a clear diction. 
How are the lessons structured? 
As a sequence of aural, visual and kinetic exercises of engaging play that are appr
opriate to different age groups in terms of the frequency of changes in activity. 

Author of the project and text © Tatyana Shuttleworth, 14 November 2019

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