Foundation Russian

In terms of grammar students will get a good command over Russian noun and personal pronoun case system, put the foundation to the system of verb aspects. They will use various complex sentences (they will learn conjunctions of time, place, manner, reason, consequence etc) as well as indirect speech.

Students will learn how to talk about their weekly and weekend routine, their interests, shopping habits, national cuisines and travelling as well as illness and healthy lifestyle, personality and marriage. They will describe their feelings in different situations. At the end of the course they will be able to talk to hotel staff, book tickets, speak about things they need to/are allowed or not allowed to do.

The students will be able to understand what people are talking about in the typical situations. They will be able to compose short private notes, SMS, letters as well as fill in the official forms.

Level Program of the course
A2 Foundation course module 1 The course aims to improve students’ speaking, writing, and reading skills and to reach level of communicative competence, which enables to satisfy students’ communicative needs in everyday communication.