Intermediate Russian

During this course the students will learn how to use different verbal prefixes to describe movement more precisely, and how to use static and dynamic verbs of physical location.  They will master the Russian adjective and possessive adjective case system, possessive pronoun свойindefinite and negative pronouns. They will increase the number of complex sentences (unreal conditional, comparative etc) they can use and the number of situation they can use the imperative.

Topics for discussion will include good and bad habits, chronotypes, describing and arranging interior design, bad luck and good luck etc. Students will express opinion and attitude towards a certain topic and get to know basic business etiquette and language.

They will be able to communicate in the majority number of situations provided the slang is not being used.  They will learn to write short descriptive or argumentative essays on the topic which is interesting to them.

Level Program of the course
B1 Intermediate course module 2 This course is for those who already have the basics of Russian and would like to learn more. It will extend the vocabulary and grammar concepts and it will give the extensive practice in speaking Russian.
module 4
B1-B2 Intermediate conversational course This course aims is to develop students’ speaking and listening skills and to help them gain confidence to converse in various everyday situations through conversational practice and systematic vocabulary exercises.