No prior knowledge

On completing the course the student understands words he/she knows and simple phrases if a person speaks slowly and repeats words if asked. The student understands when he/she is asked about his/her name, where he/she works, lives, what he/she likes. He/she understands when people speak about number, dates and prices. He/she understands the simple description of a route if it’s said slowly.

The student can tell about his/her family, home, work, colleagues, friends, hobbies etc. People understand the student and he/she understands them when using the numbers in the speech.  The student can order a meal in the restaurant.  The student knows etiquette phrases as ‘please’, ‘thank you’ etc. The student can write short phrases about topics he/she is familiar with. He/she can fill in forms at the airport or at the post office. He/she can compose short emails, sms-messages.

A1 level Elementary course module 3
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